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The 7 best computer games of all time - listed
23 views · Dec 18, 2021
What are the best computer games ever?

More and More people are beginning playing video games these days because its a way to kind of get away from your reality and enter a world when your character can do things that you cannot do in the real world.

It  depends on what kind of game genre you like to play.

Let us start with one the most played video games of all time

1 World of Warcraft

You can create your character and you enter the  World of Warcraft ‌   in which you can become a fierce warrior, a powerful wizard, a noble  paladin, or even a priest who can heal your allies and many more.

There are more than a  hundred million accounts of people that play this game actively.

2 League of Legends

This  game is a MOBA(Multiplayer online battle arena) genre which includes  you and 4 other people that face another team of 5 in order to destroy  the other teams' nexus (base) to win.

3 Counter-Strike

This  is an old-time classic FPS game that has got several other versions  with the newest one being Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

4 Grand Theft Auto

In this game you can ride cars and bikes freely in the  world you have various missions, you can even fly helicopters or  airplanes.

5 FIFA and NBA

The  two most popular sports in the world have their own games in which you  can choose a team to play with.

6 Need For speed

You can customize your own car you can add tuning nitro whatever you want in order for you to win the race.

7 Minecraft

You enter the world of  Minecraft and just explore or build whatever you like.
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